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Welcome to Sai Vidhyalaya CBSE

This man making non- profitable institution makes the pupils learn-to-serve. We educate and inculcate the student to set congenial atmosphere in their school, family and society in future thought getting sponsorships, scholarships and concessions. We strive education among children in non-profitable manner and thereby expert to them serve back to the needy. The deserving students are being offered free education throughout their studies.

Our school situated in a rural area aims at delivering quality education along with human values to students fraternity. The aim is being achieved by imparting the worlds highest quality curriculum through the Central Board of Secondary Education. As the curriculum and the syllabus themselves are inbuilt with life skills and all the other requisite co scholastic areas, the rural children are able to acquire the skills at par with international level.

The school strictly follows the rules and regulations of a standard CBSE school and also serve the teachers to enhance their fortitude through periodical training. Our school students are equally talented in HPE also as we have a strong and winning team for volleyball and Kabbadi. We have a good number of athelets who win the first few places in Sahodhaya athletic sports meet every year. Our students also are involved in many social activities such as awareness rally, swatchbharath, Ban plastic movement etc.

Smart Class Education

The management had introduced “Digital Teaching System” in our institution in the academic year 2011-2012 for giving quality Education.

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Best Faculty

What does it mean? ‘Smart class Education is an innovative method of comprehensive study with high degree understanding of correlating any concepts with 3D animated pictures in a short span of time’.

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Cultural Programmes

The School concentrates to have balanced education both instructionally and extra-circularly .so that the students excel in their most favorite field and come out successfully..

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